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Integrated Venetian Blinds are manufactured by insertion of the Venetian blinds and dry air or gasses in ambient pressure between two or more glass panes. All our integrated blind systems are available in venetian or pleated blind format. Venetian blinds, with their horizontal slats allow adjustment of light entering your area even when the slats are fully lowered. They offer privacy while still allowing the light to flow in if you wish – simply adjust the direction of the slats.
Sunset integrated venetian blinds that are permanently sealed inside the cavity of a double-glazed unit have the added benefit of being out of harm’s way, in between the panes of glass, so they cannot be damaged and do not need to be cleaned.
Integrated Venetian blinds are ideal for French doors, patio doors, sliding and bi-fold doors as well as windows throughout the home or commercial building.
 Sunset venetian blinds provide quality solutions to its customers with its wide range of products and color choices and manufactures products under the quality standards of ISO 9001 AND TUV. Sunset integrated blinds also come with a wide range of product and color choices.
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